2018 Resort Collection – Balmain

'BeliJose's Fashion Hauz'

Powerful, extravagant, colorful, detailed, unique and sheer has always been the words I use when describing Olivier Rousteing’s work.


The designs by Olivier instantly hits you in the face and you can’t look away.

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This collection is beautiful, everything you would expect from Balmain’creative director and more.

A high-end fashion brand, the 2018 Resort collection is a vibrant, beautiful blend of sheer, crochet, fringe,chiffon,  jeans, lace, fine prints, patterns, ruffles, frills, interwoven gold chains, buttons and zipper, extravagant embellishments and motif in short dresses, crochet ponchos, elegant svelte gowns, powerful jackets, finely tailored trousers crop tops and small skirts.


The Resort collection introduced a wide range of haute couture designs perfect for any occasion.

The beautiful range was complemented by extravagant custom statement accessories, each piece specially selected to match a design. With metal chokers, lace up leather and jeans high heels and bags, tied back hair or…

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