Up-cycled Washi Tape Succulent Planters

I Heart Maggie

Summer is on the way and it’s the perfect time to get planting, these up-cycled planters add a pop of colour with the Washi tape and are also the perfect way to use old tin cans.

IMG_9151What you will Need 

Washi Tape

Nail & Hammer

Outdoor Varnish

Cream Paint & Paintbrush

How to Make


Wash and clean your tins and remove the labels, turn them upside down and use a nail and hammer to make 3 holes in the bottom of the can, this will let the excess water drain away.


Paint your tins with a coat of light coloured paint, this stage is optional but will allow the Washi tape designs to be seen easier.


Wrap the lengths of Washi tape around the tin, working from the top to the bottom.


Paint your tins with two coats of outdoor varnish, inside and out, leave to dry


Pot your plants…

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