How to Generate a Stream of Online Leads

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The centerpiece of a successful online lead generation program is not your website. It’s not your newsletter. And, it’s not your social media. Those things are important, but there is one thing that ties them all together and that will attract the type of client you want in your business. That’s your lead magnet, which is where you need to start when developing your digital marketing strategy.

A lead magnet is a digest of information that describes a problem your ideal client is having and provides education about the solution. The lead magnet can come in the form of a five- to 10-page report, a white paper, an article, a video of any length, an eBook, a podcast, an audio file, a slideshow, a webinar, a speech, or an event, such as an open house or training class. The lead magnet is typically free or very low cost, and low…

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